Ho Chi Minh city's transportation, Transportations in Ho Chi Minh city

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Tan Son Nhat Airport was one of the three busiest in the world in the late 1960s. The runways are still lined with lichen-covered, mortar-proof aircraft-retaining walls, hangars and other military structures. You must reconfirm all reservations for flights out of the country.

Tiny three - wheeled vehicles, xe lam (other - wise known as Lambrettas) connect the various bus stations.

You can hail a cyclo along major thoroughfares almost any time of the day or night. In HCMC, many of the drivers are former South Vietnamese army soldiers and quite a few know at least basic English, while others are quite fluent. Each driver has a story of war, 're-education', persecution and poverty to tell.

Intercity buses depart from and arrive at a variety of stations around HCMC. Cholon bus station (Add: Le Quang Sung str.) is the most convenient place to get buses to My Tho and other Mekong Delta towns. It's one street north of the sprawling Binh Tay Market.

Metered taxis cruise the streets, but it's often  easier to phone  for one . Several companies in HCMC offer metered taxis and charge almost exactly the same rates. The flagfall is around 14,000d for the first kilometre. Most rides in the city centre cost less than 30,000d.

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Ho Chi Minh
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